This whole boutique started from writing down my dreams and ideas with a red pen. Everything seemed to just magically fall into place after that. But, can I be real with you for a second? This wasn’t just any red pen. It was a magical wand. Here’s the story:

I visited my mom’s alma mater for the first time (MIT!) in the Fall of 2018. I’m really not about the fluff when it comes to speaking my truth, so I can tell you that I actually lost my mom when I was 18. Over a decade later, I decided to go visit her college. I only spent a few hours there, but it was enough for me to open up her story a bit more and, thus, mine as well. I got to see her in a whole new light and connect to her in a way I never have before. Where I was in my own healing process, it was what I needed to drop a very limiting narrative I had been carrying both about her and my own life.

Towards the end of my visit, I bought a regular red pen from the college bookstore and brought it home with me, but I soon realized I brought so much more back with me. Every time I looked at the pen, I remembered. I remembered who my mom really was. And I remembered who I really am. I remembered that it was more than possible to write and create a “second act” of life, despite everything I’d experienced in the first act.

So, here we are. This is just one of my many dreams that I’m so happy to see come true. And it’s just one chapter in my second act.




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